Setting a Halloween Table?

Table for 4?

Table for 4?

Entertaining the kids during the Halloween season is easy, decorations abound. From wild patterns of orange and black and purple, you can throw the ultimate party for the under 20 set. But, what if you are past that loud-rambunctious trick-or-treat period in your life, or just want to have friends for a nice, civilized, ghoulish evening sitting around the dinner table? How do you decorate? Holidays are the easiest theme to incorporate in any dinner setting. So, here are a few tips to help you get the “pah-teh” started!
– The centerpiece is, literally, the centerpiece of your theme, your table…the fun. We used a fabulous witches’ hat stuffed with paper to set the stage. What I like about this hat is that I can also wear it when I go trick-or-treating. Just because I may have children past the trick-or-treat stage, DOES NOT mean I’m not dressing up and looking for treats!
– I also like to use different colored plates. For this is used pure white mixed with fabulous square beige plates (both from Vietri) and both work well with the centerpiece. Remember, that centerpiece is the main event; everything else needs to reflect that in some way.
– On each plate I placed a holiday themed votive holder – the black cat jack-o-lantern and the crown were my favorite choices. It gives color and drama to the table.
– Each glass was filled with candy topped off with a cute little “candy mouse”. The candy and the mouse are your guests treats for the evening. Hey, everyone loves getting “goodies.”
– I also used cute, little glittery hanging signs as napkin rings for the guests. Another goodie for them to use in their own decorating when they return home.
– Each guest got their own candle riding in one of our witch’s boots. You can also use these as placecards. Take paper, age it by tea-staining. Write the guest’s name, roll it up, tie it with some black twine and let the guests figure out who sits who. This is a great way to introduce strangers – they are forced to chat before they even sit down!
Now? Enjoy!Witches Tea Event 008



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