It Started with a Duck!

Milton Takes a Pose

Milton Takes a Pose

It all began when we were at the Dallas market last January and met the bark ducks adorned with yellow umbrellas and Wellie boots. We loved them, we ordered them and I began envisioning them as the centerpiece of our Easter/Spring window.
Before the ducks moved in to the window we began to experience a drought here in South Texas. The ducks moved in, the rain began. If you look back at our early posts last April, you will see how thrilled we were for our umbrella clad McDucks to bring a drop or two. We didn’t think much of it when we sold most of the ducks, pulling the remaining ducks and packed them up for next spring. Then the drought hit…big time. Worst drought in Texas in over 30 years. A customer laughingly said, “bring back the duck.” HA. HA.
We placed one duck in the front window, within 10 days the rain hit – a little here, a little there. We moved him upstairs. Afterall, we had to make room for Halloween. WELL, that is when the rain REALLY began. We have had rain almost every day for the last two weeks! Milton has done his job – perhaps too well.
2" and counting


Quack, Quack

Quack, Quack


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