2nd Annual Witches’ Tea

Mouse Choir

Mouse Choir

I must say, this event was better (way better) than last year. And, I thought last year was pretty good! Shows what I know. Kids filled the store busily designing their pumpkin works of art; moms brought friends and visited, and shopped, and visited without worry about what the kids were getting in to! It was the event I envisioned. It was a retail experience, just the way we as retailers talk about. “Make it an experience.” Well, tonight an observation…it was an experience for our team too. Economy sucks? Not in a store where the mice are lining a drawer with arms outstretched. Bad weather outside? Perhaps, but not when you have eyeball soaps to clean you up. Swine flu? Not here. Too busy making pumpkins. This was the way it should be…fun, fanciful & relaxing. Of course, the Cosmo-rita didn’t hurt either!
But, as I leave you tonight, let me leave you with our Good Luck Witch Wish:
If you want good luck,
It’s up to YOU!

A good witch,
A bad witch.
You pick your fate.
You better pick good – before it’s too late!

A Young Pumpkin Artist

A Young Pumpkin Artist

Fun abounds

Fun abounds



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2 responses to “2nd Annual Witches’ Tea

  1. Love your site and would like to get the daily updates from your blog via email or maybe an RSS feed, but can’t find any subscription forms to fill out. Help!

    Would rather not have to go to Twitter everyday or remember to come back here each day, need a nudge of some sort.

    • Cathryn,
      I am going to ask WordPress how to do this as I have been trying to figure it out myself. I will let you know! Thanks so much for asking and glad you want to be able to follow us! You should come visit sometime!

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