You Are Invited!

Party #1

Party #1

For those not on our party list. You ARE invited to attend the Blog Version of the 2nd Annual Witches’ Tea. You’ll have to supply your own Peach Bellini, Wine Glace or Cosmo-Tini, but turn on your Halloween music and join in.
Remember a time when you were a kid and everything seemed bigger, more magical? That is what we hope for The Silver Barn on Saturday. Imagine being a kid, or an adult, and being the first ones to walk in to a store that made every seasonal merchandise change special. THAT is what a seasonal change should be to a store. It should be special. It should be magical whether you are 4, 44 or 84. I want to remember the days when I enjoyed shopping. I want our customers to remember that too. I hope our young customers will always remember how we made coming to visit us a fun and special memory. I want our older customers to remember the shopping fun they got to experience when they were kids. We are bringing shopping back; we hope we are teaching a new generation of retailers that the presentation is what makes owning a store fun.


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