Cheers! The Celebration Begins

Cosmo Anyone??  Just $12.95

Cosmo Anyone?? Just $12.95

I love it when we find creative folks who come up with fun products. We’ve been a fan of the gals at Wine Glace since we opened the store. In fact, we launched our store with their Wine Glace pouring! Now, as we prepare for our 2nd Annual Witches’ Tea event we are excited…deliciously so…to get to offer a new product from the Wine Glace team. Saturday, we introduce (ta-da) Cosmo-Rita. We know customers will enjoy it. But, what I like is that Judy and Donna get it. They get that a good company is always adding something new, something that carries the same quality, the same idea, something fresh.
So, this Saturday while the kids are making pumpkins and enjoying cookies and dry-ice punch, the rest of us will have a Cosmo-rita. I will be enjoying the kids as they see Halloween come alive in a store that will someday be a fond memory. I will enjoy watching the adults as they shop and find great things to make their Halloween decor “perfect”. I will be taking a lesson from Wine Glace…and looking at how to improve a really good product!


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