Hungry? Come On By…Squirrels Will Leave a Taste For Ya!!

San Saba River Pecan Co.

San Saba River Pecan Co.

One day we hear from the “spokes-squirrels” and the next…we show our delicious new San Saba River Pecan goodies. Coincidence? I think not. The squirrels have taken over and we are promoting all things they like. Well, let me tell you, this San Saba stuff is great on ice cream, over cream cheese and best of all, their San Saba Pecan pie in a bottle…oh my goodness…that is all we can say. No wonder squirrels like nuts. They must be running home and using these delicious products!
So, for those traveling along I-10 tomorrow, en route to Austin for the UT Game, heading to the Round Top Antiques events, or just cruising around…come on down to Columbus…we’ll be taste testing our San Saba River Co PEACH PECAN AMARETTO TOPPING on Texas’ own Blue Bell Ice Cream.
For those of you far, far away in a land where San Saba doesn’t hang around at your corner store, call us, we’ll take pity on you and send you some. You will have to pay the squirrels $9.95 a jar (it’s a ransom thing) but we’ll sneak the jars out under cover of the big brown mobile box (aka: UPS) and you too can enjoy a bit of the tasty fun!



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