Art @ The Silver Barn

Westernware Indian Photo Plates $19.95 @

Westernware Indian Photo Plates $19.95 @

We pride ourselves in providing unique and special items for our customers. When we brought in a collection of pieces from Westernware last year we knew we had something very special. Each piece, whether a piece of china or a beautiful pillow, incorporates a photograph from famed western photographer, L.A. Huffman. He is sited as one of the most important photographers of the west. From 1879 until his death, he captured the American cowboy, the cattle drive, buffalo herds, and most importantly, the Native American culture. Renowned Western artists, Charlie Russell & Frederic Remington painted from Huffman’s photographs.
We are so excited to unveil these great appetizer plates that are so beautiful they are worthy of taking a place on the cocktail table as a conversation piece…even without the appetizers! Enjoy these works of art.
Why Put Photos Only on the Walls?

Why Put Photos Only on the Walls?



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2 responses to “Art @ The Silver Barn

  1. These are great trays – especially useful in Media rooms, game rooms and another spaces that needs a more masculine touch. I love that there is a bit of history behind the pieces too!

    P.S. Your cat and dog have as much personality as my cats and dogs. Everyone has an opinion! 🙂

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