So, Just How DOES a Cow get to the Roof?

Animal House

Animal House

So, it all started when I thought we should put our darling plush all together. Ha, Ha. It is amazing to me how stuffed animals have a mind of their own! This cute little house we had built for our store (and customers) would make a great compound for our friends. Well, first the cow climbed to the roof, then the Lubies all tried to cram in the top shelf – finally throwing a few of their supposed “friends” to the floor. No need to fear – I saved those thrown overboard and moved them to other areas in the baby section. Then, the horses took the bottom slot – they say their shoes are not conducive to climbing. Big Bear climbed over everyone, inspite of all the groans and took his favorite spot – he can see the rest of the store. Well, it was just a free-for-all and by the time we were done, this is how it ended up. No real rhyme or reason, except those who like to sit beside each other have placed themselves, those who like to be in certain spots have found them, and the purse pets are the only ones on the team who are actually in their spots. But, even this organized chaos didn’t last long as a few of our pampered pets have already gone on to find new homes with precious little children who will introduce them to new friends…who like to sit in certain places, sit by certain friends and position themselves to see the world. Good luck our little friends.


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