From Bunnies to Squirrels!



When I started this blog, way back in March, I began with pictures of bunnies. I think it appropriate I welcome fall with my new favorite furry critter – the squirrel. I love this guy and he is just perfect to make a fall statement, a Thanksgiving addition that goes beyond the Pilgrims and turkeys, and even at Christmas carrying small presents to the table. Scooter the Squirrel is my fall mascot!
I look back at this blog and think how far we’ve come. Twitter has introduced a new world to our store, this blog has given a new outlet to show all the wonderful things in our store, we’ve expanded to include another 1000 sq. feet and our website is finally up and moving! Whew! And I thought summer was going to be boring.
As a kid I started the countdown to Christmas as soon as the turkey was cleared from the Thanksgiving table; now with our store I find I start the countdown to the beautiful holiday season the minute I put the first fall items out for customers. Today is that day. We are 23 days away from our 2nd annual Witches’ Tea – our celebration of Halloween and 83 days away from our Ladies Nite Out event for Christmas. Wow, I’m excited now!!
I look forward to sharing every exciting and exhausting moment with you. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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