It’s 110 Outside…Let’s Build a Fire!

Casa Christina & Beeswax Co.

Casa Christina & Beeswax Co.

So, I’ve been complaining on Twitter, on Facebook, via email and basically…anywhere, about the heat we are dealing with here in South Texas. So, since complaining is not working, the heat is still here, I thought I’d really warm us up with a picture of our fireplace – ready to glow! But, this is not about heat, unless you sit really close. This is about how to not look at your fireplace and scream because you are already so hot, a warm fire is the LAST thing you want. This fabulous fireplace candelabra is from CBK and fills a fireplace opening beautifully. With outdoor entertaining so popular, it would look wonderful outside along a rock wall or in front of an outdoor fireplace.
The pillars are from one of our favorite natural candle companies, Beeswax Co., in Mason, TX. Natalie and Heather always have a great product and they burn beautifully, not to mention to slight smell of honey.
So, here’s to a nice fire….of beautiful candles on a fabulous display. Not the fire of 110 in the shade! You hear that Mother Nature? You just make it hot, I can make it beautiful!!!


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