Time To Sit…



The summer, my least favorite time of year, has flown by (other than the horrible heat and drought in S. Texas). From getting lots of great things at the Dallas market in June, to opening our expanded space the beginning of July…to being included in a New York Times article, being voted Best Gift Shop by our customers in the Colorado County Citizen annual poll…it’s been crazy. So, when I saw this bench, it was so inviting that I took a picture for everyone to enjoy on the blog. Then, I sat down on the bench and really took a look around at all we have accomplished in just a little over a year. And, it is not just a matter of great sales in spite of the economy…it is great friends we have made, helping folks find gifts they are proud and excited to give, being creative and creating a beautiful space for everyone to enjoy. With all that to be thankful for, it was worth sitting down and taking a look. Sometimes, we all forget to stop and smell the roses…today, I stopped and enjoyed it all. For all our friends – from blog to twitter to the store, stop, enjoy all you have done! I did and feel such a charge of energy to start again tomorrow with new projects and ideas.



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2 responses to “Time To Sit…

  1. So lovely! I also love the post on the toilet back in June.

    Stan Williams The Elegant Thrifter

  2. I apologize…I meant sink!! No toilet! Stan Williams The Elegant Thrifter

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