“Bungle” Up Your Grads & Send ‘Em Off!

Great for Grads

Great for Grads

Instead of “bundle” we say “BUNGLE” with these cute items from Bungalow!! Bungalow is just one of the cool products we have for high school grads! We are excited to have such fun and interesting “stuff” for graduates, and it is an exciting time to see them get ready for that next phase of their life. Bungalow is one of our favorite items for these kids heading to college because of the great storage, cool colors, practical items & good prices. Two of our favorite pieces are the laundry hamper (on the left) and the file folder box or book box. All of the Bungalow pieces flatten for easy transportation to and from college, the new apt…you name it. In fact, there are several pieces ideal for a laundry room, the back of the car for storage, it goes on forever. In fact, forget those grads, get some for yourself!! Oops, they’re doing so well we won’t have enough for our Grad party next week! YIKES!



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2 responses to ““Bungle” Up Your Grads & Send ‘Em Off!

  1. “Bungle” huh? I think I have a new word! I’ve never heard of Bungalow but I’m on my way to check them out!

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