Earth Day…Start with the Plastic

Fab Rug Bags

Fab Rug Bags

So, it’s Earth Day…hmm, I find myself so stuck. Organic? Natural? Eco-chic? Environmentally friendly? All these buzz words are so confusing — and I’m in the business of buying and studying this stuff! I will say that we have fabulous towels that are 65% bamboo – environmentally friendly because bamboo is an easily renewable resource. But, I also like them because, in this humid environment, they don’t mold! Even though finding “Green” products can be confusing, there are some things you can do that make an impact each and every day. Plastic bags sit in our landfills for generations, while we carry them around for less than an hour. And, when you consider we are using 100 million bags a minute, to stop using a plastic bag is an easy first step. So, when you go to the grocery store, the pharmacy, anywhere where they ask, “Paper or Plastic”…say no thanks and carry this bag (or any bag that you can reuse). I like these because they are made of rug materials and will last a lifetime. I throw it in my car, I carry my computer through the airport, heck, half my life could be in that rug bag at any given time. I also like the beautiful colors they mixed. This is just one example of the many different color waves presented by Dash & Albert…love ’em and love what they do (subtly) for our environment.



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2 responses to “Earth Day…Start with the Plastic

  1. Jen

    I would absolutely love to have a shop like yours! It looks beautiful! I found you through twitter!

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