Save Furniture…Save the Planet

A Great Find

A Great Find

I truly believe that vintage furniture finds can be a fun addition to an eclectic decor and help save the planet. Imagine, if you took a chest like this one from the dump, or Aunt Jane’s old house, or whatever…take it home, change nothing more than the knobs, maybe a coat of furniture oil or two, you will keep it from becoming part of a landfill, save money and give a beautiful and worthwhile piece of furniture new life. What is wrong with that idea for spring? Save a piece of furniture….give more room for the flowers and trees. We bought this at an auction we attend for furniture really in need of repurposing, but all I did was change the knobs to these really cool old fashioned timepieces. For under $200 I got a piece of furniture, cleaned it up and changed the knobs. I also love the detail of the drawer door dropping down. You could use this as a night table and have a place for all your magazines!
Fun Knobs Make a Difference

Fun Knobs Make a Difference



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3 responses to “Save Furniture…Save the Planet

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I would use all antique/vintage furniture and fabrics in my home designs, if my clients would let me!
    It takes a certain kind of client who is enjoys the hunt as much as I do!

    Love your chest of drawers.


    • cyncyd

      I am finding I have to get the vintage furn. fix it up & THEN they get it. Okay by me, I get to save diamonds in the rough! Love your style.

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