Making an Easter Table Fun

Easter Table For All

Easter Table For All

With just 12 days to go until Easter brunch, everyone is getting ready…and the dining table is a great place to create a special look.
Yes, the day your family and friends come to share all those family Easter traditions, that dining table will be filled with — honey baked hams, deviled eggs, whatever Aunt Janer brings…that table will have a special story of family. But, for these next two weeks let your dining table be the center of attention! We pulled out the stops – used a cake plate to elevate the area, added another level by putting another pastry plate on top of that and put a cake on top. It becomes a centerpiece by using all sorts of elements to create the look.
Using cute butterfly napkin rings we wrapped the green napkins in the glasses, creating an added touch of greenery. Additionally, we placed small chicks, bunnies etc, throughout the table giving the viewer something new each time they peruse.
Happy Easter and happy decorating!
A Cakestand Centerpiece

A Cakestand Centerpiece

A Butterfly in My Glass?

A Butterfly in My Glass?


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