A Picture is Worth a 1,000…

Got Photos?

Got Photos?

My business partner and I love photo frames, and so do our customers. We are always looking for something new and different to add to our assortment. What I also like is how folks create their “look”. Some like all frames to be the same – all variations of silver, or wood, or something else that gives it a cohesive look. Others, like me, like a variety of frames styles and materials. I like the look of a sophisticated silver frame mixed with the relaxed style of wood or other materials. Look around your house, check your personal style. Do you have an eclectic style, mixing colors, woods, vintage and new? Or, are you more of a traditionalist in your home style? That will give you an idea of the type of frame you should keep a look out for when shopping.

Also, be sure to mix sizes, no matter what your style. Too much uniformity creates a lack of interest, on the other hand, watch that you don’t create a mish-mash of a look with no theme. Pick your largest frame, say an 8×10 and then pick some smaller 4×6, 3×5, even 2.5×2.5 in that same material. Then, mix and match from there, and voila, you have created an area of interest filled with interesting family and friends….and maybe a pet or two!


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