Peach Bellini?  Why yes!

Peach Bellini? Why yes!

When we opened last year we already had a big following of fans who loved this thing called, Wine-a-rita. You mix the bag with a bottle of red or white wine in a blender with ice. You get a frozen-wine-slurpee-cool-sensational-drink! Well, the gals at Winearita have now topped themselves by introducing the Peach Bellini. Take champagne or white wine, add the mix with your blender and ice and once more, a delicious concoction, this time with a hint of peach. This is a great hostess gift, party treat…you name it. It retails for $12.95 and we go through this by the case. Make you thirsty??



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3 responses to “Thirsty?

  1. Bellinis sound heavenly. I love the packaging and the look of your shop! I would like to feature you on my blog:

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