Floral Arrangement 101

Dogwood & Tulips

Dogwood & Tulips

A beautiful floral arrangement adds life to any room, but for some a weekly changing of the flowers in every room of the house, is a bit overwhelming. For others, ANY attempt at a floral arrangement is out of the question. But in 2009 floral arranging is easier than ever, thanks to a relaxed style and a wide array of fabulous silks available.

Also, look around at what may be just sitting around – a myriad of containers make a beautiful display. We used a fabulous recycled glass and metal container from Couronne Glass in Austin, Texas for a simply, yet elegant arrangement for a customer’s mantle. We’ll show a picture as soon as she brings one in! We also did a dramatic arrangement using a twig vase stuffed with allum, tulips, pussywillow and dogwood. Great for an entryway or dining room table.

Get a good pair of wire cutters and let your creativity loose. Nothing is taboo if you like the look. To achieve a sense of balance create a focus area as your highest point. Al the rest of the pieces should fall below that focus, but don’t look to be uniform on each side with flowers or it will look contrived. Any other questions, just shoot us a comment or email to us at http://www.silverbarnantiques.com.

Happy designing!sb-spring-0191


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