It’s A Green Spring!

Vintage Inspired Decorative Box

Vintage Inspired Decorative Box

Spring is always full of bright and colorful images, but 2009 says SPRING IS HERE with lots of shades of green, yellow and orange. The birds are brighter, the butterflies more vibrant, yet they all have a touch of vintage to give customers a feeling of comfort.

Want to add some of these touches to your home this spring and not spend lots of dollars doing it? Use accent pieces on the coffee table, toss a throw across the back of the sofa, pillows on the sofa and the back of your bed, and you have updated your color scheme. Look for greens in asparagus and granny smith apple, mixed with oranges in a myriad of shades, and blues from robins egg to teal. What makes these bright colors work in 2009 is seeing them come alive with an ageless feel — a box that could’ve been in the family for years; butterfly paperweights with a classic touch of silver; and accent plates that set off your china with a fresh touch. Add flowers such as allum, peony & fresia — all flowers that offer unique colors with a vintage touch. Tomorrow — how to create an easy floral arrangement so it doesn’t look “predictable.”

Nature Paperweights

Nature Paperweights


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