Swankie Blankie

swankie blankie - girl

swankie blankie - girl

One of our hottest baby gifts is Swankie Blankie from Dallas, Texas. They have created a large assortment of receiving blankets, snuggly blankets, hooded towels and more. In fact, they are so popular with our customers that even the adults have ordered Swankie Blankie is an adult throw size and adult robe! A picture does not do justice, you have to feel to believe. But, trust us, they are like petting kittens, they are so super soft.
They retail for $58.95 and will be on our website tomorrow.
Swankie Blankie - boy

Swankie Blankie - boy



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3 responses to “Swankie Blankie

  1. Carol Kingsboro

    Do you carry the swankie blankie throws?

    • We custom order each throw. They retail for $175. If they make the combination, we can get it. Usually, orders take about 2-3 weeks. Let me know if we can help you. Our number is 979-732-6900

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